Should Teens manage their reputation ?

I’ve just finished to read this post of the blog digital natives.
This student think the reputation management should begin early and I share the same point of view. She gives 2 advices :
1)Avoid using your full name on the Internet at all costs, at least until you’re in college.
It sounds logical except if someone else use the name of a teen in a bad way.
2) Once you’re ready, become the source.
This advice is not only for teen but for all. You can find other advices and solutions to put a self management reputation on this post.
Now the culture of information and the information literacy must include personal branding or personal intelligence. Information retrieval is not enough. Sam Jackson add on his blog an interesting coment :
« I see evidence for a LOT of kids and teens needing more education when it comes to dealing with reputation online–even if it’s just with Facebook. That’s because things can sometimes appear very blurry about what is private or what is not. « 

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  1. Ah, bon. J’ai seulement vu de la recherche sur le problème pour l’états-unis… mais je suis content que l’union européen a des lois qui sont quelquefois mieux pour la confidentialité, n’est-ce pas?

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